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MYLÉ is an easy to use device designed for adult smokers who want to stop smoking regular cigarettes.

There is a battery in the body of the device, a temperature controller, and charge level sensors.

The atomizer is built into MYLÉ pods with liquid containing salt nicotine.

The advantage of pre-filled pods is that each pod contains its own spiral coil and you don’t have to worry about atomizer service and product installation.

MYLÉ can be charged using a micro-USB charger and it takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery for full.

How to vape MYLÉ properly?


It is recommended to do low puffs (MTL, or cigarette-type puffs).

The device will emit the optimal amount of steam and allow you to feel enough nicotine strength.

Sometimes, after installing a new MYLÉ pod, you need to do a stronger first puff.

MYLÉ recommends not to inhale sharply to avoid the liquid getting into the vape chamber.

It is also not recommended to bite or squeeze the mouthpiece.

This can cause the pod to leak or liquid to enter the chamber.

When installing the MYLÉ pod, it is not recommended to apply strong pressure or squeeze the pod on the sides.

The MYLÉ is not charging


Make sure the charger is connected to the power source.

Check the contacts of the MYLÉ and the charger.

Try to clean the contacts on the MYLÉ device and charger devices with a dry or swab before contacting the MYLÉ support team.

If the problem persists, contact support.

Can I open the MYLÉ pod?


We do not recommend opening the MYLÉ pod for safety.

Pods are not intended for reuse.

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